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Medical Review Officer Services Equipment

About Us

Established in 1995, National Medical Review Corp. has been assisting companies and individuals by providing Case Management, Counseling, Consultations, and Drug and Alcohol testing services.  

Medical Review Officer Services

The MRO practice is a sub-specialty area of Medicine that requires technical knowledge, professional judgment, interpersonal skills, and an understanding of legal and workplace-safety issues.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Specializing in Federal, State, local, corporate, legal, and private testing

Case Management

Interdisciplinary coordination of patient care to optimize psychosocial goals and outcomes.

Diagnostic Evaluations and Assessments 

Specializing in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders


Specializing in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Medical Monitoring

Data collection and reporting for Family and Criminal Court Cases

Legal Expert Witness

Review of records for deposition and court testimony


 Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Policy Compliance

Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Program of Recovery

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